By Roseann Rife, Head of Special Projects for Amnesty International
People around the world and in Taiwan will be celebrating the 9th World Day against the Death Penalty on 10 October by calling on governments still using the death penalty to stop …Continue Reading

By Mohammed Lotfy, Amnesty International  researcher for the Middle East and North Africa

Since the morning I had felt that this was going to be a historic day.
I couldn’t wait to watch live on TV the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubara…Continue Reading

By a member of Amnesty International’s Iran team
As a human rights worker I am used to hearing shocking stories. However, a recent spate of gang-rapes and sexual assaults in Iran highlights increasing violence against women in a country where wom…Continue Reading

By Neil Sammonds, Amnesty International’s Syria researcher on the Turkish-Syrian border
The road south from the southern Turkish town of Hatay rises steeply through verdant agricultural land. At the small border village of Guvecci I get out of the ca…Continue Reading