(Washington, DC) – The US Senate’s passage on December 22, 2010, of a ban on the use of government funds for the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the US, even for prosecution, will severely undermine US efforts to fight terrorism, Human Rights Watch…Continue Reading

PRESIDENT AQUINO took an important step toward justice in ordering prosecutors to withdraw the charges against the so-called Morong 43 because the evidence against them was illegally obtained. He should now take the additional step necessary to address…Continue Reading

Democratic Republic of Congo hit back Wednesday at criticism of its human rights record, after Washington deprived it of trade privileges and a French envoy called it a “shipwreck.”Continue Reading

By Maimouna Dembele of Amnesty International Mali
As happens every year in over 44 countries worldwide, Amnesty International devoted more than a week to activities in support of the Write for Rights letter writing marathon.
Like other countries, Amne…Continue Reading

WikiLeaks and Operation Payback have put distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in the news recently, but independent media and human rights Web sites have been battling these attacks on a consistent basis and there’s no easy way to stop them fro…Continue Reading