By Brian Evans, campaigner for Amnesty International USA’s Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
In a recent report to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the US touted its human rights record and argued that:
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By Savio Carvalho, Director  – Demand Dignity and ESCR Programme, Amnesty International blogging from New York
In the next few hours, the world leaders will start leaving New York with good byes, hugs and some shopping. But their thoughts will a…Continue Reading

"We fled home in 2004 and we haven’t been back," a 33-year-old woman I will call Solange told me. "We lived in Kiwanja: there was no assistance so we lived for two years in a church; then we lived for two years in a camp." After sol…Continue Reading

This 74-page report documents the plight of the more than 9,000 persons with intellectual or mental disabilities living in institutions in Croatia and the lack of community-based programs for housing and support.
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(Washington, DC) – The Polisario Front, the Western Sahara independence movement, should release a dissident detained on September 21, 2010, if the real reason for his arrest is his vocal support for Morocco’s autonomy plan, Human Rights Watch said tod…Continue Reading

(New York) – A commitment by the Guggenheim to protect the rights of laborers building its new museum in the United Arab Emirates is a positive step, but falls short in addressing key areas, Human Rights Watch said today.
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Why does the United Nations blueprint for lifting the world’s poorest out of poverty not make any mention of people with disabilities? According to the World Bank, 1 in 5 of the poorest people in the world has a disability.
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(Bangkok) – Separatist attacks on teachers and schools and the government’s use of schools as military bases are greatly harming the education of children in Thailand’s southern border provinces, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
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This 111-page report details how ethnic Malay Muslim insurgents, who view the government educational system as a symbol of Thai state oppression, have threatened and killed teachers, burned and bombed government schools, and spread terror among student…Continue Reading

(New York) – New United Nations global maternal mortality estimates contradict the Indian government’s claim that it is "on track" to meeting UN goals for reducing maternal mortality, Human Rights Watch said today.
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Eleven years ago, during NATO’s air campaign against Yugoslavia, Serbian forces killed more than 40 ethnic Albanian men in a Kosovo village called Cuska (Qyshk in Albanian). This month the hand of justice finally reached the men accused of the crime.
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